Temple lower jaw arthritis

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Temple lower jaw arthritis
The condition is described: The left face is swollen, non- red to ache, the root in front of the left ear at the time of the onset aches, the left face was swollen the next day, does not ache after hanging two the sky and water, the doctor calls taking some antiinflammatory agents, medicine was allergic finally, so medicines stop, went to a slightly large hospital later, said it is temple lower jaw joint disorder syndrome, ask, come back home, come, give a hot compress to, one pass by more than month, left face still getting swollen, non- red to ache.
Once treated situation and result: Have not become effective.
Expect what kind of help it is: Is this temple jaw arthritis
Test, inspection result:


The condition is analyzed:
Hello, the face is swollen, some not too red to ache according to your description, the possibility of temple jaw arthritis must be having, also get rid of swelling of cheek department that diseases such as mumps or gingivae inflammation,etc. cause
The opinion is proposed:
Propose going to the hospital to take the X-ray photograph of jaw department of a temple, and then check the amylase of hematuria, had better go to the dentistry to go to a doctor to down, if it is temple jaw arthritis the treatment should be still simpler, take and resist inflammation and ease pain the medicine is all right.

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