Can gastritis be cured?

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Can gastritis be cured? Eliminate completely?

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Hello, until gastritis the intersection of pylorus and the intersection of spiral shell and bacillus mostly generally infect due to, this is that a kind of anaerobe is infected, it is good to adopt and resist the treatment that the anaerobe infects, for example can treat for being good by medicine that the third stomach unite, it is used in resisting spiral shell's bacillus of pylorus taking one carat of not west forest capsule of mould and plain or A, take carbonic acid once 鉍 and is used for protecting the mucous membrane of stomach, takes Aomei and draws thiazole and is used for making and tingling, three kind such the intersection of medicine and 3 tubes lay direct, reach and resist inflammation, it is sour and protecting the treble function of mucous membrane of the stomach to make, there is very good result, and these three kinds of medicines are not expensive, there is the one that sells in the general pharmacy, the nursing one's health more importantly of daily life, should for example take food at regular time and quantity at the same time, the hunger that can't be permanent, can't eat and drink immoderately either, fasting is grown, it is cold, hard and not clean food, insist on, use medicine and diet nurse one's health, can well a thorough one getting therapeutic. Thank you (come from asking a doctor the mobile phone end fast)

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