Can the gout patient eat the bird's nest

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Can the gout patient eat the bird's nest
Patient's age: 60
Patient's gender: Female
The condition is described:
Gout has been already one year, red and swollen pain of the foot thumb. Taken a favorable turn by the treatment of Chaoyang hospital. The timid doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of lung proposes nourishing now.
Expect what kind of help it is:
Send for a doctor to help to confirm whether can eat the bird's nest.


The condition is analyzed:
Hello, bird's nest principal ingredients are as follows, water soluble protein, carbohydrate; Microelement: Calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and amino acid ( 2,6-diaminocaproic acid, cystine and arginine) . Do not include purine, nuclear acid.
The opinion is proposed:
1.The gout patient can eat the bird's nest. The in nature high-quality bird's nest does not include compositions such as nuclear acid, purine,etc., so has not influenced.

2.The gout patient avoids eating the food with too much purine compositions

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